vegan french toast

- you are going to love us for this one!

4 slices of your favourite whole grain bread
300g of soft, traditional, or smooth tofu (250g medium also works)
1/3 cup soy milk (add more if using medium firm tofu)
1 ts. vital wheat gluten flour
dash or salt
1 tbs. cooking oil or vegan margarine

toppings: chopped nuts, bananas or berries, maple syrup and original creamy Sheese.

Blend tofu, soy milk and gluten flour. Pour half into a flat pan or dish. Lay bread on top. Pour remaining mixture onto bread (get the blender sides - you don't want to lose any of this stuff). Allow to soak up for about 5 min. or longer if bread is frozen.

Heat up a pan or skillet to low-medium heat. Brush hot skillet with oil or margarine (I like the silicon basting brushes for this), If you like, press chopped nuts into the soaked bread as this point, or just top with them. Flip the bread onto the skillet to ensure the bottom is covered and use a rubber spatula to get the rest of the tofu mixture and smooth on top of bread. Cook for about 10 min. before flipping (it should be browned and beginning to go crispy at the edges). Baste pan with oil or margarine between flips, and flip again after another 5 min, to ensure even cooking. Remove from heat when golden brown on both sides. Top with fruit, nuts, creamy Sheese and maple syrup. Serves two for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Great for brunch guests, just make more. We promise they won't miss the eggs or dairy!