recession quesadilla

1 whole grain wrap or flatbread per person

the remaining ingredients should be used per serving:
1/8 wheel of any Sheese (we used creamy)
1/2 cup of any finely chopped vegetable (we used celery)
1 clove garlic crushed, grated, or chopped
1/4 ts. any herb (we used rosemary)

In a medium sized bowl mix Sheese, vegetable, garlic and herb. Spread onto one side of flatbread, fold in half and press. Bake in oven on cookie sheet at 350F for 10 min, flip and brown for another 5 min. Cut each into 2 or 3 pie shaped pieces each and serve with soup, at parties, or whenever you're hungry.

This is the most versatile of Skyranch kitchens' recipes, developed for those of us who don't always have all the right ingredients. We used original creamy Sheese, celery and rosemary but you could use mozzarella, peppers and parsley; or blue, carrot and thyme; strong cheddar, corn and coriander; or creamy cheddar, green onion and oregano.... just about anything works!