Start Cooking with Sheese™!

To illustrate the versatility of this product over other non-dairy 'cheeses’ we have developed and tested, in the kitchens of Skyranch, numerous recipes using all 9 styles of Sheese™. All our recipes call for natural wholesome ingredients (such as whole grains and unrefined sugars), and are generally protein rich, and low in fat. We will share more of them with you seasonally - so that you can look forward to winter.

Please click on the links below to view delicious recipes to start you cooking with Sheese.

Skyranch kitchens
sheggs flourentine
Philly-style tofu Sheese-steak
sunshine smoky Sheese burger

grilled asparagus salad
vegan french toast
recession quesadillas
stuffed peppers
onion soup
creamy crêpe with squash and walnuts
festive pumpkin dip
Mexican lasagne
vegan poutine
wild mushroom pizza
salad caprese
seasonal salad with berry vinaigrette
creamy garden pizza
squash risotto
scalloped potatoes
Sheese fondue with seedy breadsticks
forest-fire bruschetta
mac and Sheese with peas
Sue dog's blue barley biscuits
almond baked gouda
cranberry cinnamon wheels
creamy broccoli cheddar dip
world's best scrambled tofu
breaded tofu parma
Sheese puffs
(sky)ranch dip
blue Sheese dressing
tofu “quiche” with flax-seed crust
two-Sheese lasagne
warm salsa Sheese dip
triple-decker maple mustard tofu club
stuffed pears

Creamy Sheesecakes
- make these part of your holiday tradition. They are cholesterol-free, rich in omega fatty acids and are lower in fat than their traditional counterparts.
chocolate expresso
pumpkin pecan

lemon coconut

Grilled Sheese (from our ad series)
smoked cheddar stuffed portabello
medium cheddar on everything
blue style with mint

Slow food cycle delights
green gouda garlic dip
savory spinach breads
blue-on-berries tarts

Sheesy Hints:
When making pizza or nachos, put the Sheese under the veggies for creamier melting OR mix a little olive oil /soy milk with the grated Sheese.

Add a grated cheddar to your breakfast tofu-scram

Try strong flavours sliced thinly on fruit - the colder it is, the easier it is to slice

For your own copy of the original "Start Cooking with Sheese" print double-sided, then cut, fold and staple.